Madica can deliver roadwork projects suitable to a range of client needs. We have a wealth of experience, such as overseeing and delivering surfacing types, cut and fill earthworks, rock excavation, major culverts, pavement stabilization, floodway’s and road maintenance works. Madica’s graders have GPS machine control with mm accuracy using the latest dual slope / APS 3D Laser / Bluetooth technology.

Bulk Earthworks

Drainage Services

  • Site cuts
  • Dam builds and clean outs
  • Oval restructures
  • Horse arenas and track maintenance
  • Vee, table and cut off drains
  • Waterways with rock armouring
  • Spillways
  • Floodway culverts
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Watermain installations
  • Sewer infrastructure


  • Engineers
  • Project managers
  • Supervisors
  • Operators
  • Labourers

Road Construction Services

  • Road formation
  • Road construction
  • Shoulder maintenance and repairs

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